Estate Planning

Protect your assets with an Estate Planning expert

Estate planning is a way of protecting your assets in order to benefit your family. This can be for many different reasons; you may be concerned about who will handle your assets in the future, or you may even want to do this for your own benefit in the future.

At Town & Country Legal Solutions, we will be able to offer you expert professional advice on how to protect your assets for the benefit of yourself and your family, including putting these assets into trust.

Giving you peace of mind at a difficult time

We want to give you peace of mind to the highest degree possible, by taking your family matters into our own hands and assuring you that you have nothing more to worry about. We want you to feel safe putting your future into our hands, and we can assure you that we will not let you down.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when going into discussions around estate planning. We will advise you on the implications of transferring assets into a trust and on the implications of this regarding tax for each option that you are considering.

Another option for you in estate planning is moving asset planning and protection to the Will, which would be suited to the client who is unable to transfer assets during their lifetime. It is a viable option to leave assets such as, for instance, a house, to a spouse or family only posthumously. This is a very important factor to consider in protecting the future of your family. Here at Town & Country Legal Solutions, we believe in advising each client in a way that suits their individual situation, as each one differs so vastly. We deliver a service that moulds to the client’s experience and circumstances, which we believe gives our clients a unique and superior experience in comparison to other firms out there.

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