Executry and Probate

Why you might need a Executry & Probate services?

When someone dies their assets must be directed somewhere; their estate must be divided up and sorted. This means that whatever is left after debts have been paid off must be divided between those who are entitled to inherit the money or those who are in the will.

This procedure is known as probate in England, and executry in Scotland. Probate is a necessary procedure but it can also be a lengthy and complex one as well as expensive.

Giving you peace of mind at a difficult time

The probate or executry procedure undoubtedly comes at a very hard time for family and loved ones of the deceased, so here at Town & Country Legal Solutions, we do our very best to make the procedure a quick and painless one that will not make this difficult time any harder for family and loved ones.

We prepare thousands of powers of attorney every year, so we have vast experience in this field, ensuring that we can carry out this task to a high standard for you.

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