Trust Corporation

What is a Trust Corporation?

Here at Town & Country Legal Solutions, we understand that making a Will, Power of Attorney or Family Protection Trust can be a difficult, time consuming and sometimes stressful situation. Appointing a member of your family or a close friend as an executor, attorney or trustee may seem like the best option for you, but often this can be a mistake.

Opting for someone who is very close to you to administer these proceedings and make these decisions can lead to many unforeseen issues down the line, as they tend to be very involved in your personal situation and will often act subjectively rather than objectively.

Giving you peace of mind at a difficult time

In this situation, it is very important to find someone who will carry out your wishes without being influenced by those around them or their own personal feelings, opinions and emotions. You must be absolutely certain that the person you are choosing to give these responsibilities to is going to act impartially and not be influenced by outside factors. Furthermore, you must be certain that they will be able to carry out these tasks.

Town & Country Legal Solutions’s Trust Corporation is here to help with these issues as we can act as the professional trustee of your family protection trust, your attorney for financial affairs and the executor of your will. This will supply you with an unbiased party to handle your affairs impartially, and will also ensure that the relevant tasks are carried out properly so that you do not have to worry about the dynamics of those close to you inhibiting them from doing these jobs.

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